For When You’re Ready to Quit

The hot waffle iron sizzled as my sister drizzled batter over each crevice and shut the lid. A few minutes later she had four steaming waffles stacked on a plate, with maple syrup and whipped cream on the side, ready to serve to her hungry kids. My mouth watered as I stared longingly at this…

Grace Greater Than Your Pride

I had been living under the illusion that I was somehow better than others by focusing on the areas I didn’t struggle with (or so I thought), all the while failing to see the pride that was greater than my so-called success. Thankfully my good Father didn’t leave me in that frightful condition. He reminded me of something even greater than my ugly pride—His beautiful grace.

It’s Time to Start Talking To Yourself

It’s a scientific fact that humans are always talking to ourselves. (Scientists call this “self-talk.”) We talk to ourselves more than we talk to anyone else. Sometimes we’re our own cheerleader, talking ourselves into doing something difficult. Other times the conversation going on in our head is negative and destructive. On days you're lonely or discouraged, what do you tell yourself?