Why Hasn’t Anyone Asked Me Out?

It's Valentine's day, and you've doubtless seen a lot of material out there about guys, love, and dating. And for good reason. Navigating girl-guy relationships in a God-honoring way can be difficult. But I've heard many young women bring up an important question: “What if no one ever expresses interest?” If you've ever had a similar thought, this post…

Grace Greater Than Your Pride

I had been living under the illusion that I was somehow better than others by focusing on the areas I didn’t struggle with (or so I thought), all the while failing to see the pride that was greater than my so-called success. Thankfully my good Father didn’t leave me in that frightful condition. He reminded me of something even greater than my ugly pride—His beautiful grace.

Let Revival Begin With Me

What comes to mind when you hear the word “revival”? A widespread movement sparked by a prayer meeting or a sermon? Outdoor services held under a tent? An emotional experience? Our parent ministry, Life Action Ministries, defines revival as “a renewed relationship with Jesus that revolutionizes relationships with others.” It’s not something you can schedule…

Reflections on a Cloudy Day

Confession time: I want to make a conscious effort to enjoy life and give thanks this next month, but I don't expect to become a new person overnight (or even in thirty days). That's because, while I am a child of God, I'm still a sinner stuck inside a fallen, human body. Sadly, I don't walk in the Spirit minute by minute. That's why I need grace.