Is it just me, or did Christmas come early this year? Perhaps it was the earlier Thanksgiving. Whatever the reason, I was ready for it. Winter, on the other hand? Not so much. We got a dusting yesterday, but I’m bracing myself for tomorrow’s forecast of 4-9 inches!

We’re only a week into December and already I’ve gone out driving to see Christmas lights, attended two Christmas concerts, including Handel’s Messiah at Notre Dame (that is THE way to get into the Christmas spirit, folks!), watched “White Christmas” with friends, and saw the Nutcracker with my “adopted” niece and nephews.

I still have a staff Christmas party to attend and two more potential concerts before the season is over, and will definitely fit in a few more Christmas movie nights as well (maybe this one or this one).

The odd thing about this year is that I’m not playing in a single concert, symphony, or cantata! Seems kinda strange. But I’ve made up for it by listening to plenty of music on Spotify or the radio. I’ve really enjoyed this Christmas Peaceful Piano playlist on Spotify, as well as anything Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Pentatonix, and Josh Groban, to name a few.

All this Christmas festivity has me feeling a little like this cutie:

Aside from all this “bah, humbug,” as my brother would call it, I’ve incorporated into my day a few different ways to help me celebrate advent. One is by reading Paul Tripp’s new advent devotional, Come, Let Us Adore Him. Another is participating in my first She Reads Truth Bible reading program. (Although UPS lost my package, so I’m still waiting to see my book!) A third is listening to the Solid Joys podcast advent series by Desiring God.

I need resources like these to slow my brain down and dwell on the amazing story of Christ’s incarnation.

What do you do to celebrate Christmas?

While I’m in a “share things I enjoy” mood, here are some just-for-funsies to brighten your day. Enjoy!

Icy morning captured by a local photographer who always shares stunning photos like this on his FB page.

Image may contain: text

This little girl cracks me up:

But maybe not as much this little angel:

Also this. Nothing to do with Christmas, but couldn’t resist sharing, because–no exaggeration–have seen every. single. version. of this!

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