My reminiscing is now coming to an end. The last day of our European adventure (save the flight home) was a Sunday, so we were privileged to worship with some Austrian brothers and sisters, as well as many others from all over the world. The service was in both German and English, so we were all able to participate.

Snapping these photos during the service made me think of my Korean friends back at the church I grew up in. I always thought it curious they would want to photograph a service. Now I understand. :)

We had the most incredible afternoon following the service. For one, nobody was in a hurry to leave but lingered for well over an hour, giving us ample opportunity to make new friends. Then, about a dozen of us eclectic bunch went to the “best Thai place in Salzburg.” It also might be the smallest place in Salzburg. I’m pretty sure there were more of us than there were seats! But the owner quickly invited us into his private garden (translate: backyard) where he and his family set up tables and lawn chairs for us and even let the kids play with their lawn toys. Pretty sure this would never happen in the States.

Never thought I’d find myself in a Thai restaurant in Austria, but since I was there I decided to go all out and try something unique. My choice was red curry Thai with squid. Don’t wrinkle your nose–it was good!

It was the clearest day all weekend–perfect for strolling down the river and climbing another mountainside.

Ahh, so gorgeous!

The hills are alive!

Goodbye, Salzburg.

Goodbye, Europe. It was grand! See you again some day!

2 thoughts on “European Adventures: 365 Days Later {Finale}

  1. I have enjoyed your traveling musings. You are a great writer. We have been in this area of Austria and the Sound of Music Garden.

    Donna Dillahunty

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