While in Europe, I didn’t want the trip to end. So it seems appropriate that I’ve drawn out this re-telling of it one year later.

The afternoon following our Sound of Music tour we spent exploring more of Old Town and hiking up to the Salzburg Fortress. But first we needed some nourishment to keep us going. We chose basna (sausage) sandwiches, a traditional Salzburg street snack. It consists of two sausages (similar to brats only tastier) sandwiched in a toasted baguette with sautéed onions and a curry mustard sauce. It was scrumptious and hit the spot!

Then we walked over to Mozart Platz to see this likeness of Wolfgang. We also did some souvenir shopping in the square. (At least, I think this is the square where we shopped! It’s all a blur now!)

Mozart lived in the building behind us for a time. (He moved around a lot.)

This fountain in Kapitelplatz also made it into “The Sound of Music.” (Is your “confidence” rising?) It’s called the Kapitelschwemme. I think maybe we should stick with Horse Fountain. ;)

The Salzburger Dom, or Cathedral, can pretty much be seen from anywhere in town. Although rebuilt multiple times, this current building still dates back to the seventeenth century.

There are five pipe organs inside, and the baptismal font in which Mozart was baptized is still intact.

Here’s a view from above the cathedral from our hike to the fortress.

Up, up, up we went. The fortress is built into the mountainside. You wouldn’t believe the number of steps it took to reach the top!

This is the view from the highest point of the fortress. That tower in the middle is another part of the fortress.

I just loved this old, gnarly tree growing inside the fortress courtyard.

The fortress wall was MASSIVE.

Heading back down now . . .

There are steeples everywhere in Salzburg!

That’s where we just were! Whew, what a hike! Later we walked by the Felsenreitschule, the theater carved right into the Mönchsberg mountain, but it was not open, so we couldn’t see inside where scenes of the Salzburg Music Festival were filmed. You know the one–with all the archways where the Nazi soldiers stood guard while the von Trapp family sang.

Here’s the cute foot bridge seen in The Sound of Music’s “Do, Re, Mi” sequence.

Ahh, more cobblestone . . .

What better way to end a full day than to fill up on margherita pizza. Another satisfying European food experience. I can’t wait to go back. (Some day . . .)

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