We began day two in Salzburg with “The Sound of Music” tour. Yes, yes, I know this was an extremely “touristy” thing to do, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity! Already I had spotted familiar sights from the film in just the one afternoon we walked around, so I couldn’t wait to see more!

This is Leopoldskron Palace, where all the exterior scenes facing the lake and gardens (and falling out of canoes!) were filmed. Inside is the beautiful ball room where Gretl experienced her “first party!” Only at the last minute they were refused permission to film inside, so what you see on the film is a room designers recreated back in Hollywood.

I also learned here that the “von Trapp home” in the movie is actually two different buildings–the one you see above, and then this second one below, where you can also see to the right the tree-lined road the Captain drives down with Max and the Baroness (only to discover his seven children were hanging from the limbs!).

(Anyone else singing, “I have confidence in sunshine!”?)

No explanation needed for this photo!

This is Nonnberg Abbey where the real Maria lived before becoming a governess. Although we weren’t allowed inside, we were able to walk around the courtyard and the gated entrance that also made the film in a couple of scenes.

Heading out to the Lake District across beautiful countryside.

Arial shots of this area were filmed for the opening scenes.

And this is the church in Mondsee where the wedding was filmed. Although certainly impressive, it wasn’t near as spacious as the movie makes it appear.

And this is the village of Mondsee where we went to a delightful bakery to experience our first ever apple strudel! They weren’t “crisp,” but they were delicious! The warm vanilla sauce and hot tea added the perfect touch.

More pictures of “The Sound of Music” tour soon to come!

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