Okay, after a brief hiatus I’m back to sharing pictures from my European Adventure! (Better late than never!)

Our lost stop was possibly my favorite . . . but I think I say that of every place we went! This is the Salzach River which runs through Salzburg, a beautiful city near the German border surrounded by alps to the south and rolling plains to the north.

Salzburg is home of the Salzburg Festival–yes, the same music festival the von Trapp family sang in. It’s also–you guessed it–the location of the film, “The Sound of Music.” You’ll see some familiar sights in my pics, but that’ll come later.

I think this is called a didgeridoo, a musical instrument from Australia (not to be confused with Austria). Prior to this trip, a friend in Michigan was randomly talking about this obscure instrument one day, so I was surprised and tickled pink to discover a street musician performing one!

Speaking of musicians, Salzburg was also the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Pictured above is the home he was born in. That part of town was lined with beautiful old buildings and shops.

It was here that me we met up with my friend, Caroline. She’s the whole reason I took this trip. Months before, when she was contemplating studying a semester abroad, we had joked about “bashing around Europe” together during her stay. Lo and behold, it actually happened! And what an amazing time it was!

Our first evening, the three of us went to a Mozart Concert Dinner in this beautiful Baroque building.

The room made me think of the ball room in Beauty and the Beast.

The musicians and soloists were very entertaining as well as accomplished! It was a great way to start off the weekend in Salzburg.

Their tribute to Mozart etched in cocoa on our dessert plate!

More pictures of Salzburg to come!

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