We didn’t spend near enough time in Prague. But although our stay was less than twenty-four hours, I think I took the most pictures here than anywhere else. This city was just so unique. It was like no where else we’d been.

Being in Europe helped me understand what a baby of a country America is. But if Berlin, Geneva, or Vienna are like grandfatherly cities to our New York, Chicago, and LA, then Prague would be the great-great-grandfather!

I soon learned the reason it felt so much older than everywhere else–because it is! It’s one of the few major cities left untouched from air raids in WWII. So while other cities had to rebuild and reconstruct to regain their pre-war appearance, Prague simply is Prague.

The famous astronomical clock first began ticking in 1410. It’s the oldest working astronomical clock to date.

Running right through the city is the Vltava River, the longest river in the Czech Republic.

The Old Town bridge tower on the historic Charles Bridge.

Cobblestone streets! Did I mention I love cobblestone streets? The streets in Prague were definitely my favorite.

We walked up and up, exploring narrow streets along the way, on our way to the hrad (castle) perched high on top of the city.

This picture does not do it justice. There were a TON of stairs to climb!!

At the top!

The view was spectacular! Just look at all the red roofed buildings!

The Prague castle, dating back to the ninth century, houses the President of the Czech Republic. It once was home to kings of Bohemia, emperors of the Holy Roman empire, and presidents of Czechoslovakia.

Overshadowing the castle is the St Vitus Cathedral. Compared to the castle, this cathedral is a mere baby–only 600 years old.

These fellers made me think of the castle in Beauty and the Beast.

Easter decorations still covered doors and walls and windows. This is a major holiday over there, and they go all out with eggs and ribbons and flowers.

What you see wrapped around those iron tongs is a traditional Czech dessert called trdelnik. Street vendors all over town sold them, and they were delicious! Think cinnamon roll but wrapped around a stick instead of in a roll and slightly crispier.

Yes, well worth the hike!

She was playing a hand crank organ!

You see the guy on the bottom right corner kneeling? Every homeless person we passed in the city was always in that position. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Beef goulash and dumplings for supper, another traditional Czech meal.

Our evening entertainment was a marionette show! If you ever have the opportunity to see one, go for it!

The hands behind the play. :)

We took a train early the next morning, and in fact nearly missed it. We underestimated the time it would take to walk to the station from our hotel. And finding the hotel the day prior is a story in and of itself! But what’s a European adventure without getting lost or racing to catch a train?

Next stop, Salzburg!

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