Get ready for a boatload of pictures! Day 4 of our trip took us to one of the highest points in Europe–the Bernese Alps.

Here’s an example of peeking into the lives of locals from the train window.

My eyes were glued to the window the entire drive to Interlaken, the city near the base of the Jungfrau (Young Frau) region. From there we drove to a nearby town where we took a train up to Grindelwald.

Here’s where we hopped on the train to the halfway point of the Jungfrau.

Up, up, up we went!

We made it! The elevation here was over 6,000 ft and there was still snow on the ground (and skiers on the lifts!)

I cannot tell you how gorgeous the panoramic view was! I did not want to leave despite the cold!

Eventually we had to tear ourselves away from the view and take the train back down. But thankfully we didn’t leave all the beauty behind.

More people spying. ;)

Back on the road again toward Gruyere for some Gruyere cheese! We got lost several times along the way, but that just meant more Swiss countryside to explore and lots of laughter!

We stopped for a roadside picnic on our way up this windy, steep mountainside road.

Feeling on top of the world with Sarah (above) and Mary Anne (below).

Speaking of Mary Anne, yesterday I failed to explain my previous comment about the fifty pounds of books I drug all over Innsbruck. Mary Anne is eager to get the message of Revive Our Hearts to French-speaking women and has been part of a group who regularly fast and pray for that cause. They have also translated some of our materials already. I took to her a bag of ROH books and materials in French and English for her to disperse to her church community. While I was happy to be able to deliver such a treasure trove to Mary Anne, I was even more glad not to have that bookcase on wheels dragging behind me!!

As you see, we made it to the cheese shop! I’ve always loved cheese, but this was hands down best cheese ever! In fact, every dairy product I ate in Switzerland was so amazingly fresh and tasty. (Not to mention the chocolate!)

This was a Swiss-French town which I can’t remember the name of with adorable little shops filled with handcrafted items. It was nestled away on a mountainside surrounded by cow and goat farms.

Another European feature I love is cobblestone streets!

I kept expecting Heidi to come running over the hill. :)

After a LONG but wonderful day, we made it back to our host home for a Swiss specialty, cheese fondue. Yum! Do you . . . fondue? ;)

These two are an amazing, sweet couple and great hosts. They poured themselves out for our comfort and pleasure those three days we stayed with them and it was all delightful.

Clearly worn out but eager to see what the following day would hold, we went to bed dreaming of cheese and chocolate and majestic mountains.

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