We landed in Salzburg and walked the streets on our way to the train station. From there we rode through the beautiful countryside on our way to Switzerland. The jet lag was catching up with me, but I couldn’t stand to take my eyes off the gorgeous scenery out my window! So I pried them open and soaked it all in . . .

Church steeples were a very common sight from the train window.

The entire trip I vacillated between gawking at the beauty and grandeur of the towns we visited with all the history and art surrounding us, and adoring the charming and tranquil countryside seemingly untouched by time or technology. I finally decided to thoroughly love and enjoy them both.

I loved zipping by small villages and being able to peek into their world. What I saw was nothing out of the ordinary–a girl jumping rope on the driveway; a family hosting a bonfire in their backyard; a farmer hauling in hay at the end of the day. I was humbled to think of all the people all around the world that I give no thought to. Yet God knows them each by name–even to the number of hairs on the head. Pretty amazing.

As you see, plenty of fabulous opportunities for people-watching on this trip.

We stopped for the night in Innsbruck, a beautiful town nestled in the alps near the Swiss border. This place is world re-known for its ski slopes–and no kidding! Look at those magnificent monsters looming over us!

We wandered around all evening looking for a place to eat that wasn’t too expensive but on the other hand not in a shady area. We never did find a good balance, so we walked back to the train station where we knew there was a pizza stand.

We stayed the night at a curious little Bed & Breakfast along the river which really was no Bed & Breakfast at all, for it had no breakfast. When we went down the three flights of winding stairs the next morning, there was no sign of the kindly gentlemen who welcomed us the night before. Instead of a dining room with the promised hot breakfast, there was a tray of croissants in the hall with a note scribbled in German which we could not read. No matter. It’s all an adventure!

That morning we did some more exploring before having to catch our train out of town. I’m SO glad I had fifty pounds of books to drag along with me (more on that later), or I would never have worked off the tremendous feast from the Bed & No-Breakfast!

Ahh, the narrow, cobblestone streets walled in by multi-story colorful homes and businesses beneath a backdrop of snow-peaked mountains . . . we’re certainly not in Kansas anymore.

Next stop, Neuchatel, Switzerland!

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