One year ago today . . .

. . . my friend, Sarah, and I landed in Berlin, Germany–the first of many stops on our European adventure!

We experienced a taste (pun intended) of German airline fare on our overnight flight across the pond. Pictured here is our supper and breakfast. I was thrilled to finally find an airline that serves a good cup of tea! (You know, I really should live in Europe.)

We landed in the wee hours of the morning and took full advantage of our six-hour layover in Berlin, beginning with a bus ride to the Brandenburg Gate!

Because it was still early, we practically had the place to ourselves!

Trying to pull off a selfie with a DSLR is a little tricky! ;)

It did not take me long to fall in love with European architecture. I love all the grandeur coupled with intricate details.

The Reichstag parliamentary building, built in 1894.

While exploring the Tiergarten, we stumbled across this Soviet War Memorial.

And then we nearly stepped right over President Reagan on our way back to the Gate!

More architectural detail!

Then we hit up Checkpoint Charlie, the dividing point between West and East Berlin during the Cold War, where we attenmpted another unsuccessful selfie.

Side Note: there was always a McDonald’s everywhere we went! It was kinda like Mary’s little lamb . . .

By this time it was finally late enough in the morning for places to be open on a Saturday. We found a cute sidewalk cafe where I enjoyed a latte macchiato and cherry cheese danish for breakfast. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the food on this trip!

Striking a pose with a random bronze guy in the middle of an intersection. I quickly discovered that Europe has memorials for everything and everyone, including a Prussian general with the name of von Zieten who has a peculiar stance.

We also discovered that the designers of crosswalk lights are far more creative than American ones. Look at these adorable Deutsch dudes! In Innsbruck, Austria their lights featured skiers! I’m sure it was a very touristy thing to do to take pictures of the pedestrian signals, but we didn’t care.

This was a unique but touching Memorial to Murdered Jews. Below these concrete pillars spanning four-and-a-half acres was an underground museum with photos and artifacts dedicated to European Jews murdered durin WWII.

That was all we had time for on this quick stop. We picked up a few souvenirs along the way and took the bus back to the airport for our last leg to Salzburg, Austria.

Auf wiedersehen until tomorrow!

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