We know from Titus 2 that there is much value in having a mentor figure in your life—an older, spiritually mature woman of God to guide you and encourage you in your Christian walk. But mentoring doesn’t mean you must meet once a week to talk about your strengths and weaknesses. More often than not, healthy friendships with older women flow naturally out of practical, everyday life interactions.

When I was in high school, and even before then, there were a number of women in my life who taught me life lessons without even realizing it. They were of varying personalities, ages, backgrounds, and churches, and I never formally asked any of them to mentor me. It just sort of happened.

As I had conversations with these ladies, worked alongside them on a project, or sat under their teaching, their habits, character, and faith rubbed off on me little by little.

  • Mrs. P taught me how to be thrifty, hard-working, and responsible, always taking the hardest job herself and leaving my sister and me with the lighter load.
  • Mrs. L showed me the value of offering someone a listening ear or gentle words of wisdom and of spending the first part of your day in prayer.
  • Mrs. W pushed me to perform with a spirit of excellence—even just if dusting a house!
  • Mrs. S inspired me in fifth grade Sunday School to devote time to Scripture memory and gave me an appreciation for Psalm 139 that is with me still today.
  • Aunt B instilled in me the importance of caring for family, of loving on others’ kids when you have none, and not being afraid to get messy and have some fun!
  • And of course my mama was undoubtedly the most influential woman in my growing years. She taught me to love the Lord, to love His Word, and to love my neighbor (i.e. seven siblings!) as myself.

These and many others helped to shape and influence me. But the growing and learning doesn’t stop now that I’m a young adult. In fact, it’s only just begun!

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth talks about these kinds of woman-to-woman, life-on-life friendships in her new book, Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together. Even if you’re considered in the “younger woman” category, the instructions in Titus 2 still apply to you! It’s good to remember that even as you seek to learn from the more mature and experienced who are ahead of you, there is always someone younger following in your shadow. Are you reflecting the beauty of the gospel for them?

Now it’s your turn to share. What are some practical lessons you’ve gleaned from an older woman who has influenced or shaped you?

Adapted from Freebie Friday: Adorned! on LiesYoungWomenBelieve.com.

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