Today I have the privilege of sharing with you about a brand new book written by radio host, speaker, and friend (whom I also happen to serve with in ministry at Revive Our Hearts), Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.


The book which releases TODAY is called Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together, and some reasons why I’m excited about it is:

#1 It has been 13+ years in the making
#2 It is a beautiful exposition of Titus 2 unlike any other book I’ve read on the passage (and has a beautiful cover to boot–I’m all about aesthetics!) and
#3 It’s written from the perspective of a woman who has lived both in a season of marriage and of prolonged singleness.

Celebrating the book launch with Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth
Celebrating the book launch at the office with Robert and Nancy

The book begins with an analogy from her wedding day of the beauty and value of woman-to-woman relationships. But it starts and ends by pointing us to Christ, the ultimate Bridegroom for whom we adorn ourselves. He is the one who makes living out the Titus 2 model possible–and desirable.


Although I don’t know that this was Nancy’s intent, I like to think of the three divisions of the book as addressing each of what makes up a whole person–one’s heart, soul, and mind (Matt. 22:37).

Part 1: “A Woman Under God” — A woman who knows sound doctrine and solid theology is fully engaging her mind. What you do not know you cannot live out.

Part 2: “A Woman Under Control” — A woman’s heart condition, spiritually speaking, dictates her actions. Thus a surrendered heart precedes godly deeds.

Part 3: “A Woman Under Her Roof” — A woman with a healthy vertical relationship is on the road to building healthy horizontal relationships. We need each other, your soul and mine, to live out God’s good and beautiful plan.


Adorned is appropriate for women of any age or stage of life, because each chapter is drawn from the truths of Spirit-breathed Scripture! But Nancy truly makes application straight-forward and practical for both older women and younger women by including “Making It Personal” questions directed to each demographic.

Though by most standards I would be considered in the younger woman category, I couldn’t help but think as I read this book how both sides of the spectrum apply to me. Even as I seek to learn from the more mature and experienced, there is always someone younger than I following in my shadow.

And that’s the whole idea of the Titus 2 model.


So now you want to know where to get yourself a copy. (And one for your sister, and mom, and aunt, and . . . ) Hop over to to find out how to get a copy, plus you’ll find oodles of downloads and freebies to enhance your study of Titus 2.

Also, join Nancy and Dannah Gresh on Facebook LIVE tonight at 9:00 EST for the official book launch celebration. Just visit and like the Revive Our Hearts Facebook home page. See you there!


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