While I’m preparing a yummy smelling (and hopefully delicious)  caramel apple dip for tonight’s super bowl party, I thought I’d share some super bargains I found at the library sale today.

Now, first I have a little disclaimer. It’s true that I don’t need any more books. I even promised myself I wouldn’t buy more until I’ve read the ones on my shelves. But I just now decided to amend that promise to include only full price books . . . because who can pass up a 10-cent book sale?! The library was calling my name.


Did I mention this library usually has records in their sale? That was actually 85% of the reason I wanted to go, which means I only broke 15% of my book-buying promise. And if you factor in that all audio items were half price, that doubles my incentive to go and halves the percentage against me, bringing it down to a mere 7.5%. If you don’t like my logic, you’ll at least like my finds.


I couldn’t resist this classic Disney album and one of my childhood favorites, “Cinderella.” It even includes an illustrated storybook to go along with Jiminy Cricket’s narration. I can’t wait to have my little neighbor friends over for story/sing-a-long time!

Whenever I’m vinyl shopping–which, let’s face it, is more than it should be–I tend to look to satisfy my hankerin’ for quirky or atypical musical genres. But the remaining two from today’s bargains add some much-needed balance to my growing collection. The Mozart Divertimentos are pieces I played in my high school string quartet, and I never ever tire of listening to Chopin. Thus my records of choice.


Now for the books. I went in looking for biographies on Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria. As you see, I found the former, but as nothing on the latter was to be found, I contented myself with one on a favorite American authoress of mine, Louisa May Alcott. Then when I spotted the name “ten Boom” on the shelf, I quickly snatched it up for my third and final ten-cent find.

That leaves us to the audio book by David McCullough on the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. Two reasons for this pick. One, I’ve never yet read David McCullough and I figure I’m overdue; and two, the topic intrigued me. And ya know what, it was only a nickel!

So there ya have it.

Enjoy the game!

(By the way, I just taste tested the caramel dip and it is spatula-licking worthy! And, since it’s completely sugar free with all good-for-you ingredients, no condemnation now I dread for licking the bowl!)

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