In the beginning, God had a plan.
He created the world, and fashioned Woman and Man.
He walked in the Garden and communed with them there,
Giving them joy, perfect peace and love for them to share.

But sin marred the beauty and forged a breach
That separated God from within man’s reach.
Cursed was the serpent, and cursed was man;
And cursed is all of humanity throughout every land.

Yet from the seed of the Woman who fell to temptation
Would arise, as ordained, the Hope of every nation;
A gentle Savior to redeem every race.
But much time would pass before this could take place.

For years God foretold of the coming of a King,
For years people waited for He who peace would bring.
For years there was silence, absolute silence from God. . . .
Until one day . . . the Light of the World dawned.

Under the Law the Son of Man was born.
Beauty and Righteousness He would adorn.
God in flesh who came as a babe,
Lived a sinless life so all may be saved.

Through Him is the pathway returning to the Garden.
In Him comes life to hearts that are hardened.
The bondage which weighed us down into death
Was paid at the price of the Savior’s last breath.

Because of His suffering, we are made free—
Free from enslavement and sin’s tyranny.
Christ, who was dead but alive forevermore,
Paved the way to Paradise; opened to us the door.

Beauty and wholeness is once more restored;
Sin is no more when in the presence of our Lord.
He reigns forever; worthy is the Lamb!
All honor and glory to the Great I Am!

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