I have a good friend who is in many ways polar opposite from me, but we actually do have a lot in common: Jesus . . . living far from home . . . and enjoying good food, just to name a few.

Below is a snippet of a post she recently posted on her blog that I want to share because I can relate to her 100%. Having just returned from a trip “home” myself, thoughts similar to these have resurfaced.

I would write something like this myself, but, why reinvent the wheel when she says it all so well?

Transitioning to MI was definitely a huge adjustment and every time I return “home” to NH, my mind is flooded with thoughts and memories. But over the last few years, God has gradually worked into my heart a greater grasp of “home.”

I’m coming to a fuller understanding of what it means to live in light of my true home. I’m not talking about the house I currently live in, the place I grew up, or even my family and close circle of friends—my true Home rests in the Kingdom I was saved to dwell in and the Person who has redeemed my life! As long as I look to anything else, I will be left hurting and unfulfilled.

Click here to read her entire post. You’ll be glad you did.

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