I’m not much of a dreamer, but there is one thing I have always dreamed of . . . and now it’s happening. I’m going to Europe! This reality is still slowly sinking in, but I’m sure it’ll hit about six hours into the longest plane ride of my life to date.

When I first learned a year or so ago that my friend, Caroline, was interested in studying abroad a semester in Salzburg, Austria, I playfully told her that she could expect a visit from me while she was there. Little did I know that this wishful thinking would become a reality.

So here I go, off to see Caroline among the hills which are alive with music! One of my friends in Michigan, Sarah, is going with me (hoorah for friends!), and we’ll also be going to Switzerland to visit another friend I met through Revive Our Hearts named Mary Anne. She shares the ministry’s passion for helping women thrive in Christ, and would love to get that message into the French language. I am excited to see what God has in store for this trip!

In the mean time, enjoy a few snapshots from my recent weekend in Richmond for a cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful weekend with people I love.

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