It’s true. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (Maybe that’s why C.S. Lewis was called “Jack.”)

You don’t have to tell a child how to play, they instinctively know how. But somewhere along the way, when the child matures into adulthood and learns to distinguish between playtime and work, they often take life so seriously that they forget to simply enjoy life.

Author Jared Wilson reminds us that playtime is not just for children. Even grown adults need to pause from hard work to play hard.

“Why is playing hard so important? Because in our play we create and imagine and therefore tap into the very creative heart of God. We echo his story with our narratives of play.

“This is why on the playground little boys are playing cops and robbers or doing battle and little girls are playing house. They are vanquishing evil, subduing the earth, building civilization. And because all of this effort reflects the heart of the great Author of everything, their hearts never grow weary of it, even if their bodies do.”

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I believe this is one time when it’s okay to join the Lost Boys in emphatically declaring, “We won’t grow up!”

Work hard. Play hard. For Jesus.

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