I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned this bit of news here on my blog, but maybe you’ve heard through the grapevine of the engagement and now recent marriage of Nancy Leigh DeMoss to Robert Wolgemuth?

Because my life right now is wrapped up in the world of Revive Our Hearts (in a good way!), I was privileged to witness this budding relationship firsthand and have a small part in the beautiful, Christ-honoring wedding.

My friend and co-worker, Hannah, and I documented the event with a succession of selfies throughout the weekend. Enjoy the snapshots!

Wedding bound (with precious cargo in tow)!

Rehearsal Dinner

The not-quite-a-selfie of our table assignment display (of which we were so proud!)

The big day!

Two amazing, beautiful women I’m blessed and privileged to know and work with!

The Reception

The Candlelight Vespers Service

(There’s a story behind them bells . . . all 537 of ’em!)

Trekking home (and being watched the whole way . . . )

You can actually get more than this sneak peek of the wedding . . . you can view the entire archived ceremony if you so desire! Visit ReviveOurHearts.com/Nancy-and-Robert/ for that and more about Robert & Nancy’s story.

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