Dear Congressman Upton,

As the U.S. Representative of Michigan’s 6th District, it is your desire, I presume, to represent before Congress the residents of your district, which you cannot well do without knowing what it is we believe in and stand for. For this reason I write to you today.

On your website you specifically state that, among other objectives while in office, you are “working to help all residents of Southwest Michigan live longer, better lives.”

I affirm this statement and would propose to you and every other Congressman in America to take it a step further by declaring that this right to a “longer, better life” for “all residents” should and must include the unborn.

This right for “all” will never see the light of day as long as Planned Parenthood is being funded by government aid.

The recent and continued reports of the monstrosity happening within the walls of abortion clinics in America are heart-wrenching and unacceptable.

Whether or not one believes life originates in our Creator God and should therefore be valued and protected, no one can deny that it is inhumane and wrong for our children to be ripped apart and sold piece by piece. And no U.S. tax payer should be forced against their will or conscience to support an organization that conducts such a business.

I write to you on behalf of countless others in my community–but more importantly on behalf of the unborn whose heart cries have been silenced forever–to plead with you to thoroughly investigate these allegations (or to continue to do so if action has already been taken on your part) and to do everything within your power to defund Planned Parenthood in Michigan immediately.

Congressman Upton, hear my plea: Please act now to protect ALL Michigan residents–both the ones desiring a longer, better life, and the ones that just want the chance to breathe.



Taking Action: What can you do?

  1. Be informed
  2. Contact your Representative 
  3. Cry out to God


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