Here’s just one of the cute little guys I hang out with these days.

His name’s Elijah. When I moved from Arkansas I left behind a little friend named Elijah, so here I picked up a new one! He lives across the street from me, so I get to see him and his brother and two sisters quite often, which is fine by me! They’re all adorable!

“Take a picture of my big bite!” he says.

I think I wore him out. ;) His big brother Judson, whom I did not get a picture of, reminds me so much of Ethan when he was a kid–red hair and all! So it’s like stepping back in time and playing with my widdle bro again, which is super fun!


Speaking of Ethan, this lil dude shares the same name. He’s from another family of four fun kids that I also hang out with most weeks.

This evening when I was at his house he asked me if I knew Eve, as if we were old acquaintances or something. (How old does he think I am??) Then he made this puzzled expression and said, “Didn’t God take meat from a bone and make the girl?” Umm, sure!


And these are his two brothers, Caleb and Luke. They don’t always stick out their tongues at me, just when I pull the camera out!


Or when they’re not busy playing head dunking in the hammock. These kids crack me up! When I showed up this evening they had just shucked some corn and were playing with the silky strings, calling it “hair”. Caleb was describing what it felt like and decided it feels basgetty-ish. (I think he meant spaghetti. ;) )


The cutesy little toes are brought to you by the doll of the family, Shalom.


That smile, though!!

So now you’re wondering when I’m going to get around to the baseball half of this post?


Last week these two friends and I took off for Chicago to see the Cardinals play the White Sox. (And yes, they really were there to see my team! I love southern friends.)

I had a blast with these two, and the Cardinals had a blast, too . . . getting eight batters across the plate, and even hitting a grand slam! (Which they did again last night, whoop whoop!) It’s never a bad time to be a Cardinal fan, but this year has been exceptionally good. My Kansas fan friend is predicting a Cardinals-Royals world series this year. I’m game!

So yeah, just a few happenings from this summer.

3 thoughts on “Boys & Baseball

  1. I’m sorry to be commenting on all these posts but I have never really been one to keep my thoughts to myself. I’m also sorry that this is revealing the fact that it has been this long since I checked your blog….really sorry about that. ;) but I was watching baseball the other day with my Grandpa. I thought I understood it, hit the ball run to the next base. Honestly I thought once you got good enough to play on TV you could hit some balls! What is the deal with those batters! I also thought you could throw a straight ball so how is it that two batters got hit by the ball? And then I discovered, once you get a fellow on base, the rest of the game comes to a complete halt and the poor batter that comes next has to wait like 7 minutes before a ball is thrown at him because the pitcher keeps throwing it to first base! Honestly, stay on your base and let the next guy have a chance! I just couldn’t watch for very long. ;)

    1. No hard feelings, I haven’t read your blog in a coon’s age! How’s that for an honest confession? (Oh wait, you’re the confessing one. I forgot.) Anyhow, I will refrain from giving you a hard time on your baseball-watching skills, because I’m laughing too hard to put two coherent words together! :)

      1. It’s no wonder why people yell at the TV. Honestly I wanted to yell too, “Hit the ball!” You know what, I just realized what the problem is with baseball, there are no cheerleaders so they don’t know what to do. ;) You know cheerleaders tell basketball players helpful info such as, “Get the ball….shoot the ball.” ;)

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