For six and a half years, this blog has been my writing tablet, a sort of journal of my life. Three things that characterize my blog–my love of writing, my faith, and my southern heritage–I credit all to my Mama. She was my first (and only) teacher; she showed me how to love and walk with the Lord; and she raised me to seek the truth–even for things such as our country’s history.

In view of recent events, she strung together words that have only been scattered thoughts in my head. I have tried sorting through fact, truth, and emotion without much success, but she nailed it.

I love the Confederate flag.
It represents the South that I love, and its willingness to defend individual and states’ rights from the tyranny of federal government.
It should not represent racism or hatred.

I love the rainbow.
It represents God’s promise to never again destroy the world by flood.
It should not represent our defiant fists raised in His face saying we will declare right what He has declared wrong.

I love the cross.
It represents Jesus dying in my place, taking the punishment for my sinful life.
It should not represent me thinking I am off the hook and can do as I please.

I will not be ashamed of my Southern heritage.
I will not change my definition of a rainbow.
I must not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ, no matter the ridicule or danger.
I will pray for those who see the flag as hate, the rainbow as perversion and the cross as foolishness.

I must demonstrate faith (that God is who He says He is and all His ways are just), hope (that we must not give up speaking truth), and love (guarding my heart, my tongue and my facial expressions), remembering that the greatest of these three is love.

May I always defend God’s design for marriage, but demonstrate love doing it, so that the ones parading the rainbow will be surprised I am one of those “foolish” Christians parading the cross.

It is easy to only see darkness, discouragement, and danger.
Christ is the Light. I must be part of the church who shines light in darkness.
Christ is the Truth. I must encourage and support those who speak out for righteousness, regardless of the risk.
I must humble myself and pray and turn from my wicked ways, and wait for Him to hear my prayer, to forgive my sin, and to heal our land.

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