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Raccoons, Fleas, and “Happily Ever After”

How’s that for an intriguing blog title? Author Leslie Ludy talks about wrong expectations for marriage and relationships on the Lies Young Women Believe blog. I love this thought for single ladies: “God challenged me not to put happiness and fulfillment “on hold” until I finally met my future husband, but rather to find perfect contentment in Jesus Christ, even during my single years.”

In Love With Jesus

This is a great follow-up to Leslie’s post. It helps answer the “how” of her last statement, finding perfect contentment in Jesus Christ, and not in lesser things. Paul Tripp tells us that “theology, morality, and ministry are very important things. But those shouldn’t define who a Christian is. What should define a Christian is their romantic, intimate, and enthusiastic pursuit of a Person – the Lord Jesus.”

Before the “Happily Ever After”

I have unintentionally created a theme to this Friday’s Favs. It’s February, what can I say? Carolyn McCulley weighs in on this topic of love and marriage in her article originally published in Joyful Woman magazine (no longer in print). The quote below, however, is from Douglas Wilson’s book Her Hand in Marriage, which Carolyn cites in her article:

“Problems in marriage are always the result of self-centeredness. So the time a person spends when he is single should be time spent in preparation for marriage. This is important even if he never gets married. This is because biblical preparation for marriage is nothing more than learning to follow Jesus Christ and love one’s neighbor. In other words, preparation for Christian marriage is basically the same as preparation for Christian living.

“Christians are to prepare for marriage by learning self-denial, subduing their pride, and putting their neighbor first. Once they learn to love God and love their neighbor, they are prepared to enter into the covenant of marriage with one of their neighbors.”

How To Memorize (Almost) Anything

I’m going to steer away now from the theme and give you instead a meme. Over at The Gospel Coalition is a series by Joe Carter on memorization. His method might seem a little out-of-this-world, but don’t mock it until you’ve tried it! Hop on over and discover what Otter, Thor, and Zeus have to do with memorization and the Ten Commandments.

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