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A friend recently alerted me to this great Bible app. Not only does it have several hundred translations and versions of Scripture in both text and audio format, but it contains access to devotionals and reading plans you can subscribe to. I just signed up for Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening”, for instance. To help keep you accountable to your selected Bible and/or devotional plans, you can invite friends to join you, share thoughts on a particular passage, or simply cheer you on. So if you download the app, be sure to look me up so we can read together!

A Black & White Issue

There’s this growing phenomenon happening right now even in Christian circles that is about to explode on the big screen just in time for Valentine’s Day, though there’s nothing lovely about it. I hope my blog audience is such that the following recommended articles will only confirm your distaste of “Fifty Shades of Grey” rather than arouse your curiosity. If you don’t know anything about it, good. I say remain blissfully ignorant. But if you do and are not sure where you stand, I implore you to read these posts that spell things out plainly (please note, mature content!): The Desensitization of Grey by Byron Paulus, Why I’m Not Reading (or Watching) Fifty Shades by Dannah Gresh, and Fifty Shades of Shame by Albert Mohler.

The Three-Fold Division of the Law

Some of the ROH staff were in Chicago recently to attend Moody’s Founders Week. Nancy Leigh DeMoss spoke at one of the sessions, giving her Scripture recitation as she did at True Woman ’14. I had good intentions to watch more than just her session via live stream, but somehow that didn’t happen . . . until the last morning when I saw that Voddie Baucham was on the line up. He is such an energetic, engaging preacher and I didn’t want to miss him! I am extremely glad I didn’t, because he thundered out a doozy of a sermon on the proper Christian view of Leviticus and the law, and homosexuality. Thankfully it is available on YouTube, so carve out some time in your day because it is well worth it!

What I’m Reading

I used to be one of those people who didn’t start a second book until I had turned the last page of the first. Not anymore! Now I seem to jump haphazardly from one to the next like I’m in a circus act! But though I’ve forsaken one habit, I’ve returned to another; that of reading for at least 30 minutes (usually more) each evening before bed. Ahh, such a good way to wind down for the night! Currently on my nightstand is:

The Matheny Manifesto — Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly be a bigger Cardinals fan, the manager publishes this book! His now infamous letter to parents of his little league team that shared his philosophy for sports–and for life–is now a book. And it is SO. GOOD. A must-read for all sports fans, coach-wanna-bes, or really anyone. More on this to come!

Peter Pan — Everyone needs a delightful read now and then. Ahh yes, my favorite Disney film. My favorite fairy tale. I’m focusing on finding joy in the little things, and this is definitely one of them! Last month my “easy read” was Pride and Prejudice. Somehow I had forgotten how cleverly that book was written, and what an entertaining cast of characters it contains! I’m so serious-minded that it has benefited me to pull back and enjoy a fun book now and then.

Let Me Be a Woman — I have read shamefully little of Elisabeth Elliot’s numerous works, and I’m on a mission to remedy that! This conveniently landed on my desk one day, so it seemed a good place to start. I have not been disappointed.

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet — I’m thinking about starting this book for the Reading Cafe online book club with Joy Fourney for February. I’ve always wanted to be in a book club, and though an online one is not quite the same as in person, it’s second best. And I trust recommendations coming from Joy, so for $2.80 on Amazon I might pull out my Kindle and join the virtual discussion. Wanna join me

Joy In the Little Things

As already stated, I’m beginning a month-long search for joy in the little things with the hope that it becomes second nature and outlasts the twenty-eight days in February. It could be the sun peeping through the tree branches (a rare thing these days in Michigan!), or finding a penny on the ground to remind me God loves me. I invite you to do the same! I have been visually documenting some of my findings on my Instagram account, but of course that isn’t necessary to search for glory in the grime, as my friend Maggie would say. (Her book is a good one, too. You should read it.)

2 thoughts on “Friday Favs {2/13/15}

  1. Let me know what you think of Every Bitter thing is Sweet.  I joined club and bought book and am trudging thru it.  I bookmarked two places that spoke to me…the rest is exhaustingly emotional and a little too flowery wording for my liking.  Also she is clearly spatial rather than linear …jumps from thought to thought and story to story in her chapters like on a pogo stick.  It’s kinda driving me nuts.  Her writing is polar opposite from Elisabeth Elliott.  Maybe reading both will get you through it. Will be waiting for your review.

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