Rather than spend time sharing my favorite articles, resources, or videos, how about I talk about some of the favorite people in my life? I will say up front that this is certainly not an exhaustive list, (after all, Facebook says I have two-hundred and eighty-nine friends…) and some that I mention are actually groups of people, for how could I possibly mention all the people that I love and am grateful for in one post? So for now, here are just a handful.

(And if you’re not in this post, do not despair. It does not mean I love you less! Unless I don’t even know you, and then that would be just plain awkward.)

Sandy . . . the most gracious boss you’ll ever meet! I really don’t consider her a “boss”, though, but am grateful to call her both friend and sister in Christ! She has such a sweet countenance and is a JOY to serve alongside with at Revive Our Hearts. I wish you all could meet her! (Actually, you can–come visit!!)

My family at Crystal Valley . . . They each in their own way played such a significant role in the five years I worshiped and lived life with them. In this circle of believers I have found discipleship, friendship, exhortation, instruction, and gospel-centered living. Oh, and the best farkle players ever!

My little brood of musicians . . . Yes, I miss my sweet students! The work ethics and enthusiasm they displayed can certainly not be credited to me, but I sure enjoyed the benefits of it as the teacher! They may have thought they were the only ones learning something, but I know better. I’m grateful for that chapter of growth, though like all stories it came to an end. Maybe one day there’ll be a sequel.

My roommates . . . Or more accurately ‘housemates’, as we three have our own private rooms. Now, a move of any kind is an adjustment, and having four different housemate combinations in four months is also an adjustment, but I am blessed to have such good-natured girls as Hannah and Alaina! One of my initial fears was learning to live with complete strangers, but as it turns out that wasn’t my biggest problem. I went through such a time of feeling churned up and turned inside-out that didn’t even know who I really was all the time. So after learning to live with myself, living with a few other girls wasn’t so bad! But seriously though, these girls have been great!

Susanna . . . my forever-friend and fellow Baptist Nun who I particularly desire to mention today because it is her birthday! There are lots of things I could say about Susanna, but the biggest thing that stands out to me is her positive and encouraging spirit. It doesn’t matter how dismal things look, she points me to the silver lining, the humor, and the God of Hope. I mean, of hope. ;) Susanna, I know you’re reading this because you’re about the only follower I have left, so happy birthday to you! And sorry about the outdated photo. We obviously talk more than we take pictures.

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