Well, not just. More like seven weeks ago! The just is me writing about it.

Here’s the story: Micah’s team had a game in Chicago, and then he needed a ride to the airport to fly home for Christmas break. I was asked to be that ride and complied easily enough, especially once I discovered another team of boys were also in town–the Newsies! I told Micah and he jumped at the chance to see it as well.

Yep, we seized the day! A favor for my brother turned into a fabulous getaway!

Micah and I were both in awe of the intricate artwork inside the Oriental Theater!

But as beautiful as it was, we quickly forgot our surroundings when the cast hit the stage, keeping us mesmerized the entire two-and-a-half-hour performance!

To be a last minute decision, we had AMAZING seats, and just thoroughly enjoyed this musical as thoroughly as could be!

The under-appreciated members of the cast. I think sometimes the actors view these folks as being beneath them, wouldn’t you say?

Then again, they were 30 feet in the air! I suppose they have a right to feel like kings of New York!

Anyhow…it was all completely fantabulous! I even liked the plot twist! (Yes, there is one! But no spoilers here–go see it for yourself!) My only disappointment was that Spot Conlon didn’t have a bigger part. How can you “never fear” if Brooklyn isn’t here??

We didn’t get Brooklyn, but we sure loved Chicago! Micah had never been, so we did a bit of sight-seeing while in the windy city.

Checkin’ out the Bean.

Oh, and you can forget about watching your gluten intake, because Giordano’s is a must!

And just when you thought I forgot the whole reason we were in town…

…to see a college game which they lost and in which my brother never played! (I’m sure that’s why they lost!)

That’s ok, we still had a grand time! We both agreed it was reminiscent of his 18th birthday trip to New York City. That was the trip we first wanted to see Newsies, and now a year and a half later, that wish was fulfilled!

That’s also a trip I’ve yet to blog about. But I’ve still got time…

…after all, we just got back!

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