[Read in your best Australian accent.]

[[Because everyone needs a little Steve Irwin to spice things up when you’re up to here in snow.]]

Michigahn Wintah.

It’s something you cahnnot begin to imahgine until you’ve experienced it for yourself. I’ve lived in a southern climate all my life, mate, so this hee-yah is new tear-it-tery!

There is snow piled up a mile high! It’s like being out in the wild!

Just look at the size of it, mate! It’s simply incredible!

Now, if you pay vary, vary close attention, you might be able to see the tracks of an exhotic cree-cha known as the snow blowah. It hibernates at night but makes fast work of it in the day while you’re away at work, that is, if you’re lucky enough to get paid a visit. Crikey, mate!

This is the pahth that humans must clear every morning if the snow blowah doesn’t make its appearance. It makes for quite the back-breaking morning but crikey, somebody’s got to do it! It keeps the world going round, mate!

Now lest you think this frozen tundra is completely bleak, just completely, you’ve only got to take a bit o’ look upward to see the GORGEOUS blue sky above! Isn’t it magnificent, mate? Gives me an adrenaline rush just looking at it!

It’s enough to make you want to hunt for reptiles or dahngerous sea cree-chas! (Yeah, I’m a thrill-seeker, but crikey, education’s the most important thing!)

Have you evah seen a bluer sky, mate?

And that, mate, is the end of our fuhst add-ventcha exploring Michigahn wintah!

Well, until next time, mate!

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