Happy 21st Birthday!

I have three of the best brothers in the whole wide world, and this here middle bro of mine serving our country is celebrating a monumental number today!

This is admittedly one of the most awkward photos ever. Not only is Jared averting the camera, but my shoulder looks like it belongs to a sumo wrestler, and we have this random cello guy sipping his water behind me (I know he’s a cello guy because I’ve seen him on stage, not because I’m a mind reader or stalker.) But despite all that, I have to include it in this birthday tribute because, c’mon, we’re at Jason’s Deli, and Jason is like one of the family! But back to Jared . . .

He’s a great brother . . .

And he’s got a pretty awesome family, I must say.

He may be quiet, but when it comes to crazy, he’s the leader of the pack.

Oh, and he’s batman.

(Nah, nah, nah, nah,
nah, nah, nah, nah, BAT MAN!)

OHH! And he’s the doggon best Marine that ever was since Gomer Pyle joined up!

No? Forget Gomer.

Surprise, surprise! Jared is hands down THE best Marine that ever was!

Happy birthday, dear Jared!

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