In recent weeks, I have heard many friends reference Facebook as being uninteresting and impersonal, because all that ever shows up on their feed are links to articles. Honestly, I would have to agree with that. Even so, and at the risk of being labeled a boring blog (wait, that’s already true…) I am still going to share a few of my favorite articles from the last few weeks of blog hopping. (And coincidentally, some of these articles I found on…you guessed it…)

Three Truths And Sixteen Years of Sickness

This woman shares from her experience battling an extended illness, and takes the truths she learned and makes them applicable for anyone dealing with a hardship or sickness, since, as she says, “no one is immune from the things which characterize a fallen world”. Because we all need that reminder that God has not forgotten us or overlooked our plight; that He can use our pain for good; and that God wants to use us for His glory.

Spiritual Dehydration

My friend and co-worker forwarded me one of Paul Tripp’s Wednesday Word posts, and now I’m hooked. (And I would love to have his new devotional as well! But for now his blog posts will have to suffice.) The article was one of a four-part series he did on spiritual dehydration. In my friend’s defense, she forwarded this to me after a conversation we had about prayer and walking through dry seasons in our spiritual life. So no, she was not being rude or presumptuous. Truth is, more of us are likely to experience these kind of dry spells than we care to admit. So if you find yourself in a spiritual desert rather than a lush oasis, check out Tripp’s words of encouragement. He will point you to Scripture and to the Source of living water.

 How To Know What To Do

The writer of this post was a guest on the Revive Our Hearts program recently, which is where I first heard of him. I looked him up and stumbled across this article…a topic I’ve mulled over for seemingly forever. We all want to know what we’re supposed to do with our life, but as John Rinehart says, “most of the time finding our calling is a journey of discovery. And that journey begins by asking the question: “What does God want me to do with my life?” (emphasis mine).

The Fight For Joy

Tired of reading all those Facebook articles? Then give your eyes a break and listen to this three-minute podcast by Francis Chan on the daily fight to focus 100% on God and rejoice in His goodness.

Tutorial on Imperative Oils

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Listen up, all you essential oils fans! You think essential oils are the best thing since sliced gluten-free bread? Well then you haven’t heard of imperative oils! Join Dorcas DuVall in this video as she explains her revolutionary discoveries, because why focus on the essentials when there are more imperative things in life?


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