My brain has run off and left me. Or maybe it simply got lost in the airport on my trek back.

Whatever has happened, it is the only explanation I have for my recent behavior, because twice now in two days I did something inexplicable and utterly ridiculous!

Blunder #1: I rushed to my  appointment thinking I would be five minutes late, only to discover I had arrived twenty-four hours early! 

And on top of that, I never realized my mistake until after my appointment! But they were all so gracious! The receptionist didn’t say anything when I walked in. The nurse took my vitals and even apologized for the wait. The doctor greeted me with a smile as always. It wasn’t until I was scheduling a follow-up appointment that I looked at my calendar and saw my error! I apologized profusely, but of course they just laughed and assured me it was fine–it happens to everyone!

Blunder #2: Sticking my pen in what I assumed was someone’s desk mug…when it was actually their cup of coffee!

I told you my behavior has been utterly ridiculous! As with my first blunder, at least all parties involved got a good laugh out of it (and this time also a fresh cup of coffee!).

Of course, my initial response is to panic–what in the world will I be like by the time I’m actually “old and forgetful”? But then again, it has made the past few days a little more exciting. People keep telling me these kinds of things happen to them all the time, so I think I must be a pretty boring person if this is a first occurrence!

I’ve also been told my brain is just frozen and will thaw out in April. That’s so reassuring, considering that’s months away! Could be an interesting few months between now and then!

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