Snow is falling on my blog, but not in Michigan! Everyone here seems pretty surprised by that fact, but I don’t know, seems pretty normal to me. ;)

I did not realize it had been over two weeks since my last entry! There has been much to keep me busy and off cyberspace, but maybe over my Christmas “break” at home I’ll have a chance to do some catching up on here.

Meanwhile, here’s a peek into my life last week….working behind the scenes at a video shoot! I helped with wardrobe, crafts services (apparently that’s movie-making lingo for FOOD), and running errands to find various props–or for the really important stuff like fresh coffee!

(Photo credits to one of our talented team members who, along with the other dozen tech guys, made the whole shoot run smoothly! They are amazing!)

(Yep, True Woman 201 is in the works!)

(This is where I got to hang out while the filming was taking place on the set. There is SO much that goes on off camera!)

(But the cameras are pretty cool, too, gotta say.)

(It was Mary Kassian’s 32nd wedding anniversary, so they surprised her during the taping with a Skype call with her husband in Canada!)

Until next time . . .

5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. They call it “craft” so they won’t feel guilty about how many calories they are eating. ;) You know big movie people worry about their figure. ;) Oh wait! Delete this comment if any big movie people read your blog that you know of. ;) And it does seem amazing to me how many people work to pull something like this off. I should appreciate video segments and videos more. ;) From now on, I’ll think about the craft table that I can’t see and the room of computer geeks….I mean experts. (Maybe you should delete this if any movie experts read your blog too. Maybe I just shouldn’t send this reply but oh well…..why not? ;) )

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