I often save and compile links throughout the week as I read them so that I can remember where to find them when it comes time to share. Last Friday I had several links all saved and ready to go…and then I forgot to share them. So here they are a week late!

When Battling Breast Cancer

In contrast to the dismal story of the woman choosing death over cancer (which means, if she follows through with her plan, her last day on earth is tomorrow), here is the polar opposite response to a diagnosis of cancer. You can be in pain and still have joy. You can suffer and still have hope.

“God promises He will never leave us or forsake us and in the darkness of a cancer diagnosis, we can cling to the truth of His extravagant love for us. We are not alone.”

The Logic of Abortion

Do you ever wonder how a woman can convince herself that killing her baby is okay? This article addresses that question, and also challenges us as believers not to simply become angry at stories like these, or feel hopeless and helpless, but to resolve to pray.

“It is easy to forget about this silent atrocity in our land. I know I do. But it is just that, an atrocity. And the church needs to continue to pray, not only for the sake of the unborn, but for the multitude of mothers who are callousing their hearts through a kind of rationale that injures the mind and soul of person made in the image of God.

Of Course Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed

Recognize this title? It might not be what you think it is. There was a popular article floating around social media for a while that made some valid points about courtship’s flaws, but also some (what I would call) extreme statements as the alternative. I agree that “courtship” is not perfect, but we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bath water. I appreciated this woman’s approach to handling both the flaws and the extremities in both cases.

Ten Years of Leviticus

What would you say to committing to studying the book of Leviticus for ten months? How bout ten years? That’s what this author did, and the results were life-changing. In this article from The Gospel Coalition, Jay Sklar argues why the Church needs more Leviticus.

Five ways to Glorify God While You Wait

What’s a good Friday Favs post without a shout-out to the True Woman blog? Even before I came on staff with ROH, I was following this blog and frequently being encouraged or convicted by its content. This post was no exception! A wonderful reminder of the answer to “How long, Oh Lord”, and the peace from knowing that “there is a sovereign purpose behind our in-between.”

“These seasons are not mistakes. God didn’t lose the directions or simply forget His plan for our lives. He hasn’t gotten it wrong. There is a sovereign purpose behind our in-between. We need to trust God’s good and holy intentions for lives. He is at work in us and for our good while we wait.”

You Don’t Need a Conference

With all the books, blogs, conferences, and podcasts available to us, it can be tempting to point to these resources as solutions to our problems instead of to God’s Word. “You need to listen to this podcast!” “You have got to read this blog!”

I mean, I’m doing it right here in these Friday Favs! While there are certainly wonderful benefits from these kinds of resources, ultimately it is Jesus and only Jesus that is the answer.

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