This is a super busy week for me (for reasons which you’ll read below if you don’t know already), but because I’ve been such a lame blogger, I thought I would try to schedule a few posts for while I’m gone. I’m starting with what I shared in my October prayer letter.

Here in Michigan, the leaves are changing their color, and the days are getting cooler. And yet despite what the weather is telling me, it’s still hard to believe September has already come and gone and October is here! My days have been full since my last update…

Back in August, I planned and served several dinners for both our remote staff (during our all-staff  “Seek Week”), and for the Revive Our Hearts Board of Directors, who gathered for meetings for a few days mid-August. Thank you for praying for me during this full month!

I had a unique experience watching the behind the scenes of live TV when the Harvest Show of South Bend interviewed Nancy Leigh DeMoss. (You can watch the video here. Her segment begins at 13:38.)

September found me making an unexpected trip to Arkansas, and reflecting on the brevity of lifeAs you may already know, my extended family experienced a sudden loss when my twenty-three-year-old cousin was killed in a car accident September 12th. I am so grateful for the kind notes and phone calls I received during this difficult time, as well as the assistance from sweet friends in enabling me to make the trip home. Prayers for comfort and peace are still much appreciated for the entire family!

In recent weeks, our team has been gearing up for our big event: In just a few days, over 8,400 women will be gathering in Indianapolis for the True Woman 2014 National Women’s Conference. It has been all hands on deck, full speed ahead in preparation for this big weekend, Oct. 9-11. I am very excited, if even a little nervous, about working my first TW conference.

Just a few of the recent projects I participated in was stuffing some six thousand wristbands to mail to registrants…

…as well as stuffing and boxing up ten thousand tote bags (as pictured above)!

Even with all the details to finalize and last-minute tasks to complete, that doesn’t mean we still don’t have fun around here! As if there wasn’t enough craziness, this week we had crazy contests each day, such as craziest shoes, or best accessory–complete with prizes and theme music! Yep, I work with a very normal bunch of people.

(This is crazy hat/hair day. Apparently my hat was so flamboyant that most people didn’t notice my schizophrenic hairdo.)

It’s not just the sound of laughter that frequents the office, but also the voices of individuals praying for each other and sharing one another’s burdens. I would easily say there are daily instances of this–one of the many things that I love about this team!

Pictured above is a basket we have in the office filled with names of conference attendees. A few of you have said you will be coming to the conference, and I am so excited! But for the rest of you who can’t make it, (although it’s still not too late to join us!) you don’t have to miss out! You can catch the live stream for all main sessions starting Thursday, Oct. 9, at 5:45 pm Central time. Just visit and you’ll be directed to the live video feed.

Until next time…

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