This is one of two baskets at our office full of names of True Woman conference attendees that our team is praying for individually. There are currently over 7,700 women registered to attend October 9-11 in Indianapolis, and we’re hoping for at least eight to ten thousand! Perhaps you could be one of those remaining we’re praying for…

Are You Coming?

“There is something about setting aside a weekend, or even just an evening, as a body of women to corporately seek God and sit under His Word, asking Him to open our hearts to spiritual needs. It is different than your personal quiet time or even your Sunday morning service at your own church. There is a special dynamic that occurs when we, as women, get together, on our faces, with open hearts and honest discussion. It’s a dynamic that the Lord seems to bless as a doorway to newfound spiritual growth.” read more —>>

The Holocaust You’re Not Hearing About

We know of the Christians over in the middle east who are experiencing much pain and persecution right now, but do you know about those in North Korea? Prof. Candi Finch of Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary has written an informative article on the modern-day holocaust that is happening in this communist Asian country.

“In the last few months, I have had an increasing burden for the people there as I have tried to become more informed about what exactly is happening. My hope is that those of you reading this blog will also want to learn more and will begin to pray for the people of North Korea. The website for LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) states that the 24 million people of North Korea face one of the most repressive political regimes in history where public executions and political prison camps are common place.”

The Daily A La Carte

I’ve heard of Tim Challies and have read a number of his book reviews in the past, so I’m not sure how I only this week discovered his daily article recommendations and Kindle deals, and Free Stuff Fridays! If you’ve been ignorant all this time like I, go take a look! If not, why didn’t you tell me?

Effective and Ineffective Music

After a conversation with a friend about church music and its ability to either enhance or distract from worship, she forwarded to me this funny albeit informative video of worship leader Bob Kauflin talking on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a tune (specifically in a worship service setting). Pretty amusing, but also a reminder that the music should match the message.

A Legacy of Faithfulness…and Chicken

“His company was the envy of peers for its superior service — the phrase “my pleasure” is almost inextricably associated with the chain — and for its long-running, iconic advertising campaign featuring spell-challenged bovines.”

I’m sure you know what restaurant this statement refers to even if you missed the news of the death of the company’s founder. This Atlanta-based paper offered a nice tribute to Mr. Truett Cathy after news of his passing last Monday. He was known as the creator of the chicken sandwich, but wanted to be remembered as a servant of the Creator.



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