There is much that I learned during my nine months of raising support to join the ministry of Revive Our Hearts. One of the biggest lessons was trusting God, and believing that He is able.

I think back to April when I made a goal to complete my ministry partner team within the next four weeks. When that May 1st deadline rolled around, the last $800 of my support was miraculously in and I was ready to go. Friends and family were amazed to see how quickly it all came together, but I wasn’t surprised one bit. Why? Not because I didn’t see how huge of a goal and answer to prayer it was, but because I was given the grace to see just how huge my God was (and is). Because He is able.

Fast forward a few months to, oh…let’s say, today. We are just over four weeks out from True Woman ’14, and we currently have 7,500+ women registered. Our goal is for eight to ten thousand ladies to join us October 9th-11th. Lofty goal? Humanly speaking, yes. That’s why we’re calling on Divine intervention.

I have no doubt in my mind that this October we can exceed our goal of 10,000 women in attendance. This is not a “name it and claim it” mentality. This is confidence in the Lord to do the great and mighty things He is able to do. We trust and worship a powerful, sovereign God, and we should expect nothing less than great and mighty things from Him when we call on the Creator of the universe for the glory of His name.

God is going to move mightily in Indianapolis, and in the hearts of each woman in attendance.

Don’t you want to be there to see it, to experience it?

There are ten days left to take advantage of the regular ticket price, so register today at, and bring a friend! Here’s the scoop on the featured general and breakout session speakers:


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