First of all, I can’t begin this post of favorites without putting the spotlight on one of my favorite persons, whose birthday is today!

She’s a great sister and friend. You’ve heard “you’re the peanut butter to my jelly”? Well, she’s the banjo to my fiddle. Seriously, she is.

She’s funny, beautiful, encouraging, and married to a guy who is perfect for her, obviously.

Happy birthday, sweet sister Linda Beth!

Finding Freedom, Fullness, & Fruitfulness in Christ

“Here at Revive Our Hearts, we wake up every morning with a desire deep in our hearts to help women thrive in Christ.”

This is a statement that’s going out soon in a letter to everyone on our mailing list. Now that I’m one of those included in the “here” in the first part of that sentence, I’m keenly aware that I need to be sure I’m equally part of the “we” in the second half of that sentence. Is my first waking desire to help women thrive in Christ? Is my first waking desire to make sure am thriving in Christ? I must be a doer of the word and not a hearer (or reader…or believer…) only. Do you have this same longing? Do you have this same zeal to wake up with a desire not to survive in chaos, but to thrive in Christ? Then consider joining me at True Woman 14, a national women’s conference, October 9-11 in Indianapolis, for a deliberate time of seeking the Lord and lingering in His presence.

“We want them to know Him, trust Him, obey Him, to love and enjoy Him. That’s the only thing that will transform their lives and empower them to experience the freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness Christ offers!” 

Your Sin Is Not In Your Junk Drawer

“As women, we think God is most concerned with our productivity. The truth is, He is most concerned with our holiness.”

I think I could just change these Friday posts to “Top Five Erin Posts”. Once again, Erin has hit the mark–and struck a nerve! Great thoughts right here over on the True Woman blog. (Speaking of True Woman, are you coming??)

Is God More Happy With Other Christians Than With Me?

Along the same lines of trying to perform or over-achieve in order to “measure up” is this podcast with John Piper. These “Ask Pastor John” podcasts have become a morning ritual for me as I get ready for the day. In fact, I really miss not having a new question each morning on the weekends, so I usually go browsing through the archives. Some other really good questions that were answered in the last week or two were What Is Idolatry?, Why Do You Journal?, and for you grammar-gurus, a fun one on why commas have a moral dimension to them. And now you’re leaving my post in haste to discover the reason why…. It’s ok, go ahead. I understand.

A Short Video

For those of you still around, I saved the best for last. The remaining link is to a short video clip dealing with a serious issue of utmost importance. You need to watch this video, especially if you enjoy seeing wrong made right, and good prevailing.

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