I unintentionally did a good job leaving you hanging for the next installment of our San Diego adventure! There are multiple reasons for that, but I (ironically) don’t have time to go into all that now. So without further ado…

It’s graduation day, and we’re eagerly waiting to see our new Marine. The above picture is Golf Company’s drill instructors. They’re a fierce bunch!

The ceremony was long, only because everything is regimented and done with precision. (No kidding.) The entire graduating class marched in by platoon, while the US Marine Band played, each one led by their respective honor man and DI’s.

It was a pretty indescribable morning. SO glad we made the effort to be there for it!!

[vimeo 104199850]

My second video was better, but too long to upload. I might figure out how to cut/edit it. Then again I might not.

Yep, that’s our sharp-shooter Joe!

Jared with some guys he befriended in boot camp…if there actually is such a thing! =)

Here we all are with him! Uber proud!

2nd Battalion’s color is yellow, in case you were wondering why all the sunshine.

Us being typical girls.

Them being typical guys.

The Few. The Proud. The Marine!

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