This post was originally written (makes me sound like a published author or something!) for my August prayer letter, but I’m including a portion of it here to share with my blogging buddies. (If you don’t receive my email updates but would like to, please send me your address!)

Have you ever browsed the menu in a restaurant only to find there are simply too many delicious options to narrow your choice down to one?

And unless you’re on a cruise ship, you don’t have the luxury of ordering a little bit of everything to suit your taste! This is a similar feeling I have experienced regarding all that is  happening in Life Action Ministries. The longer I have seen the inner workings of our ministry, the stronger desire I have had to be involved in every outreach!

Obviously, it is impossible for one person to be everywhere at once, and God has undoubtedly called me to work with the Revive Our Hearts team, but what a joy to be a part of a ministry that stirs within me such a desire, not just because of great programs or people, but because of a great God who has chosen to use us in this ministry as vessels for His glory!

But sometimes we don’t have to choose just one thing. Sometimes we find ourselves at a buffet line with a whole spread of good things! And that’s just the sort of blessing I’ve  experienced recently in having the privilege of getting a little taste of everything.

One of the ROH Biblical Correspondents, Carrie Gaul, an excellent teacher and Bible study leader, gives a talk every week during Summer Family Camp at a ladies luncheon for the  moms attending. On one of these days she invited me to go with her to man the resource table.

I loved getting to interact with the women there, not only to share with them some of the helpful resources we have available, but also to see firsthand the positive effects family camp is having in their lives. It’s one thing to read testimonies from past weeks of camp, it’s another to talk face to face with a changed individual!

Another opportunity that opened up for me was to help down at the Lodge during a Pastor’s Retreat. I was there to “shadow” the host couple in the kitchen, and pick up ideas and advice
on cooking and serving for formal dinner parties. I’m embarrassed to say that someone went into this thinking there wouldn’t be much for her to learn. And though of course she didn’t let on, “Little Miss Know-It-All” thought growing up in a large family meant she had this supper-for-eight thing down pat. Well, let’s just say she (ok, it was me!) got her fill of humble pie. Of course there was plenty for this whippersnapper to glean from the gracious, veteran hostess! Thankfully, after that first piece of pie, the evening ended with a much tastier slice…chocolate peanut butter pie with ganache! (Nobody ever said there weren’t perks to this job!)

And that, my friends, is just a little taste of what has been going on around here……at the Camp, in the kitchen, and in my heart!

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