And now we come to the BEST PART OF OUR TRIP!!!!

(Not to mention the only reason for our trip!)


Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of cadence. The voice of five drill instructors.

The chanting of five hundred men. The pounding of a thousand feet.

That’s the Moto Run!

And our first sight of Jared!! Do you see him?!?

Pretty sure this picture is blurry because hands are shaking, tears are flowing, emotions are running wild.

That’s not our boy Joe. That’s our man Jared–a U.S. Marine!


And the exact second they were dismissed and given afternoon liberty, we bolted for our marine to reunite with this incredible young man who is forever changed.

We couldn’t get our hands on him fast enough.

Thirteen weeks of pain and exhaustion. Grueling days and lonely nights. Sheer determination and divine grace.

So proud of my brother and what he’s doing for our country!!

That’s a handsome threesome right there if I do say so myself. Can a sister do any better?

So if it were your first free moment in over 10,000 minutes, what would you do?

Why, eat pizza, of course! (You and every other new Marine on base.)

More stories shared around the table. (Plus a great view of that smart, rightfully-earned hair cut!)

But all too soon…liberty was over…and it was back to the barracks for the one, and the hotel for the nine.

But tomorrow was coming…

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