Is it really Friday again? Wow, this week went by fast. Hope yours has been a good one. I’ve got a full weekend ahead of me, of which you will be hearing soon (or I guess reading).

Whether you’ve got big plans, or looking forward to a slow, summer Saturday, hope your weekend is filled with joy and covered in grace!

Israel, Gaza, ‘Divine Right’, and John Piper

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the conflict over in the Middle East, I feel very misinformed. It’s not just because of the fact that it’s happening on the other side of the world, and we only get a slanted report from the media, but because I have simply failed (not bothered?) to keep up with Israel’s plight. Recently I was shown this short video explaining in under six minutes the situation there right now. And then today I read this thought-provoking article from The Gospel Coalition. Certainly gives me something to chew on…maybe it will for you, too.

How I Know You Will Get Married

Think I’m being prophetic, or overly optimistic? Think again. Author Erin Davis shares some great thoughts (as always!) on the Lies Young Women Believe blog:

“I don’t know how the story of your life will go. I don’t know if you’ll get to a plan a wedding or pick rice out of your hair. But I know that if you follow Jesus, your wedding day is coming.

There will be so many people there, that their voices will sound like thunder. The groom will be beaming. He has waited for this moment for an eternity. And you, girl? You will be the most beautiful bride there has ever been. Your wedding clothes will shine like the sun! And in that moment, the craving . . .

  • to be loved
  • to be known
  • to be accepted
  • to be someone’s forever

. . . will be realized.

It will be the perfect ending.”

A Creative Perspective for the Creative People

As a relatively creative person who enjoys a myriad of “artsy” things such as writing, crafting, and photography, I appreciated this reminder of the value of our God-given talents as it reflects the person of our Creator God, and why it’s so important to direct them all back to Him for His glory.

Life Lived Beautifully

Speaking of creative people…I love the products and designs by Gretchen Saffles over at “Life Lived Beautifully”, a visually appealing website and Etsy shop I was exposed to recently. Journals, note cards, free desktop wallpapers…you’re bound to find something that will tickle your fancy! (LOVE this image over here! —>

“Finding God at the Kitchen Sink”

Last but certainly not least for my Friday five, you need to check out this book by a new friend of mine and fellow Arkansas transplant, Maggie Paulus. It’s actually not released til August 1st, but you can pre-order your copy on Amazon now! And I promise, you will want to. Maggie is a wife and mom with a great personality, and a fun, unique writing style.  Her online home has been beautifully transformed into book form, complete with her own colorful photographs! A book without chapters, it reads more like short stories or devotionals, making it convenient for even the busiest of moms (or mom-wanna-be’s). I read a third of the book in one setting. It’s that good. The first edition has already sold out and the publishers are working on a second printing!  So, do yourself a favor and follow this link to claim your copy! (Go head, do it. Like, right now.)

Happy Friday, everyone!

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