Here’s a few links to get you hoppin’ this morning! Happy weekend!


The Do-Gooders and Doing Good

Back in May, I rode on a 5-hr flight next to a former Professional Netball player from England. We had a lengthy and indepth discussion on Christianity, religion, and the gospel. Although we differed greatly in opinion on about everything, it was a very healthy discussion, and she was very kind and accepting of this narrow-minded Jesus-believer. One of her many questions we touched on (and believe me, there were many!) was (paraphrased): I’m a good person and show kindness to everyone…I’ve gone to help the poor in Africa…I give to charities…I am nice even to those who aren’t nice back…so why do I need Jesus? Are you saying I can do all these good things and not get to heaven, and yet someone who does not do them but says they believe in Jesus, will get in? The following article brings up a good point–it’s not the what that matters, but the why. 

“Hebrews 13:16 says, “And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Does this mean that non-Christians are pleasing God when they do good?” (Read more—>)


6 Counterproductive Approaches to Studying the Bible

Helpful reminders for how not to study the Bible. You will notice that this is part of July’s Women of the Word theme at Crossway. Not too late to sign up for daily emails encouraging women to get into the Word!


Manage Your Time for the Mission of Love

I ran across this post several times this week from completely different sources, so I guess I was supposed to read it!

“Every human, in every place on the planet, whatever the culture, is subject to the incessant passing of time. The sands are always falling. No matter how much we neglect it, suppress it, or stress about it, there is nothing we can do to stem the onslaught. Ignore the rush to your own peril. Or walk the path of wisdom in stewarding your short and few days as gifts from God.”


Playing the … Carro-net??

Someone told me about this video and I had to check it out for myself. I’m always very skeptical, but this guy appears to be legit. Who knew lunch could be melodious?

Every Second on the Internet…

Ok, and one more for funsies. But it kinda ties in to our being stewards of time…and of time on the internet. This website will blow your mind!


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