I think I like this Friday favorites idea and will keep it up for the time being. So here we go!

How Do I Pursue Joy in Christ?

Today’s “Ask Pastor John” podcast with John Piper is actually not with Piper, but Michael Reeves. However, if you love a thick, British accent, you’ll want to tune in. Seriously though, this seven-minute audio clip talks about the real reward of salvation being Christ, not heaven, and is well worth your time. “We were made to share the Father’s eternal pleasure in His Son.”

Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co.

Speaking of Piper…  I discovered this company while searching for gift ideas. Being a lover of tea–hot or sweet–I naturally fell in love with the place! If any of my readers happen to be in Alabama, you could enjoy an actual brick-and-mortar shop, but for the rest of us, their online home will have to suffice. The variety of teas looks so good and I’m sure would smell delightful. If only they had a scratch ‘n sniff feature!


Living Well, Spending Less — DIY Sharpie Mugs

And for something in which to drink your hot tea? If you love DIY projects, this is a great starter project from a great blog! I definitely want to try this idea at some point, as well as continue checking out this woman’s blog! Wow, is it ever packed full of ideas, money-saving tips, and how-to guides! (Just the kind of things you’ll find yourself “pinning” all the time. In fact, this blog was a Pinterest find, wouldn’t ya know!)

 New Book & Giveaway: Connected

“Perhaps it’s time we outgrow the notion that the purpose of our relationships is to provide a steady drip of feel-good fuel for our delicate self-esteem.” Author Erin Davis has been on the air this week on Revive Our Hearts sharing with moms from her book, “Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role”. But yesterday on the True Woman blog, she gave us a sneak peek into her newest book, “Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Everyone Feeling Alone Together.” Hop on over to read her article about letting God meet our deep need for relationships. (Plus she’s giving away a copy to three of her readers!)

An Appointment with the Lord

Along the same lines as Erin’s book, this article by Leslie Ludy touches on the importance of our relationship with God. I was so convicted by this quote that she shares by Corrie ten Boom: “Dont pray when you feel like it.  Rather, have an appointment with the Lord, and keep it!” I’m ashamed to say that recently I have scheduled such appointments with God and then stood Him up! If the reward of salvation is our relationship with Christ (as Reeves says in the above podcast), then we should work on strengthening that relationship! “It’s one thing to set aside an “appointment with the Lord”, but then what?  How do we really connect with the King of the Universe in a significant way?  There is no magic formula for prayer and seeking God, and every prayer time will probably be a little different.  But a good rule of thumb is this – make it all about Him, instead of all about you.”

Bonus Link: How to Make a Prayer Notebook



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