Happy Independence Day!

I ended up having “leftover” blog recommendations from last Friday’s post, so rather than overwhelm you with a ton of links all in one post, I simply created another one…maybe a new series for my blog…maybe?

Ligonier Ministries $5 Friday

What better way to kick off the weekend than with finding a bargain? I recently discovered this collection of solid, theologically-rich resources made available for only five bucks each every Friday! Go check ’em out, you’re bound to find something!

Are We Missing the Point of Frozen‘s ‘Let It Go’?

I love what this author had to say (past tense because it was written back in February!) about the increasingly-popular hit song from Disney’s Frozen. He pretty much describes why I enjoyed the film yet was bothered by it simultaneously. Disney pretty much got it right by the end, but what  is the most popular song of the whole soundtrack among young girls (or older ones!) everywhere? The free-spirited, throw-out-all-rules song.

 Should We Pray for Revival?

Some great thoughts on the Desiring God blog from Southeastern Prof. Alvin Reid on revival in our nation’s past, and for our future. Why not start today, on our nation’s 238th birthday, to pray for revival and restoration in our country? (And so the short answer to his article title is–yes!)

How Can Self-Denial Be Hedonistic?

Here’s another great read from the DG blog. If you’re at all familiar with the ministry of John Piper, then you know this question is in the context of his understanding of the term Christian Hedonism. The author of this article, Jon Bloom, includes this sweet lullaby he wrote years ago for his oldest daughter:

“There’s joy beyond your wildest dreams if you will just believe:
This aching thirst for joy you feel God only can relieve,
And that eternal life is what’s in store
For all who will believe that only he’s worth living for.”

9 Secrets Your Pastor’s Wife Wishes You Knew

Assuming I know my blog audience pretty well, I’m fairly certain all of my readers know a pastor’s wife. At my home church, we happen to have three of them, and I’m sure they all can relate to one or more of these “secrets” in some capacity or another. Read this article and you might learn something new. But for sure take the time to reach out to your pastor’s wife and befriend her, pray for her, encourage her, love her.

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