Today I’m going to send you blog-hopping! (That’s what happens when your own blog is too boring to attract readers!)

These are some articles and links I’ve either come across this week or regularly enjoy that I want to share with you.

Dirty Dishes, Tears, and Twitter…What I’ve Learned in My First Few Years of Marriage

Really enjoyed this read from, a new site (to me) that I’m enjoying. Here is an article excerpt: “Sometimes it seems we get the fairy-tale message from Hollywood and the doom-and-gloom it’s-not-what-you-dreamed-it-would-be message from embittered real life women. Somewhere in the middle of that wide continuum is the Christian marriage. When both people work to put the other first and are committed to being good forgivers, marriage can be out of this world. But, most importantly, it can be an effective witness for the gospel (Eph 5:22-33). Our happiness, though a blessed perk, is not the goal. The goal is to portray an unblemished picture of Christ and His bride, the church.” Biblical Woman

Revive Our Hearts Reaches Austria

This is a testimony that a young woman from Austria wrote in to the ministry. I shared this in one of my prayer letters recently because I was so encouraged by the heart change that took place in this ladies’ life all the way across the pond:

“My…husband loves Revive Our Hearts because he says it has transformed me and our relationship. Where there were quarrels and shouting, there is now much more peace. God changed me, and to Him alone be the glory!”

True Woman 2014 National Conference

While we’re on the topic, allow me to unashamedly put in a plug for the ministry where I’m working. You do not want to miss this year’s True Woman Conference! “Finding Freedom, Fullness, and Fruitfulness in Christ” is the topic. Indianapolis is the location. October 9-11 is the date. “I’m too busy” is NO excuse! :) Come join thousands of sisters in Christ (we already have 6500+ registered!) as we worship the God who has freed us from bondage!

The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference

Can’t wait til October to hear God’s Word taught by women for women? Wait no longer! Catch this weekend’s live stream of The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference starting TODAY! (Watching TGCW 14 this weekend doesn’t mean you can skip out on TW14! But keep in mind that there will be a live stream of it as well in October!)

Three Questions to Ask When Choosing a Church

Anyone care to guess why I read this post? I actually stopped by The Gospel Coalition site in search of a post completely unrelated to this, but I found this first, so naturally I allowed myself the quick detour to see what the author said. The “three questions” seemed somewhat basic to me, but definitely important ones to consider when church-looking. I just wish the looking part was as easy as 1-2-3.

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