Greetings from the North land!

I am not ashamed to admit my long silence on here, nor waste any time making excuses. You all know the life-changing experience I’ve been in the middle of, so no explanation is necessary!

I do apologize for all that you’ve missed out on in the recent weeks because of my neglect in the bloggy world—due to, you know, the real world—for there is a lot to tell, and many pictures to show. So I will do my best in the coming days to summarize the past month’s happenings, both of Arkansas, California, and Michigan! Whew!

But as I do not have the time to start that this evening, I will instead pacify you with a few random facts and tidbits that I know you’re all dying to hear.

1. My surroundings are (shockingly) not altogether unsouthern-like as I feared. I’m talking landscape here, not people. ;)

2. Working on staff with Revive Our Hearts is nothing like I hoped it would be….it’s way better! (It is just day four, but you know…)

3. I am successfully moved in (thanks to lot of help from my parents and Micah, and several co-workers), and close to completely unpacked and settled. I’m living in a 100-year-old house with a couple of girls on staff. Pictures (hopefully) to come!

4. My first day of work included a run to Hobby Lobby for supplies. (Did I mention I love my job?)

5. In case you were wondering, Michigan and Arkansas are sister states because they joined the Union the same year (1836) so there would be an even number of slave and free states. Who woulda thunk??

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