You can’t put God in a box.

He’s beyond what your brain can contain. He’s wiser than the best thought you ever had.


He is more vast than the big, open sky, yet He is in the still, small voice.

He works in mysterious ways and miraculous ways. Because He can.

He is always the same, never changing.


But you still can’t put Him in a box. Because He can’t be confined to something our finite minds concoct or imagine.

That’s why He is worthy of adoration and worship from all of His creation.


That’s why He’s God.

Who would want to trust in a God that was less than infinite, or omnipotent, or omniscient? Who would want a God who isn’t mighty to save, who has no power over sin, who lies dead in a grave?

We serve a risen Savior!

And His goodness overwhelms me!


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