From the moment we left the house Friday, til the moment we pulled back in the driveway Monday night, Mama and I were showered with love by friends, and covered by God’s protective hand. (Yes, even with that speeding ticket which I unjustly received. I know there’s a purpose behind everything…but I’m still looking for that one.)
Mama with her friend and Linda Beth’s namesake.

So, to wrap things up, there’s just one more part of our trip left to tell you.

So far into this adventure I’ve enjoyed Cajun cuisine, alligator swamps, and mule mudding. (You didn’t know there was such a thing!) So what a better finale to a trip to Louisiana than to see some infamous ducks?

Yesir, we went deep into the wild country of West Monroe—-a whole block over from the main highway—-to find this beard-clad RV! And that’s a fact, Jack! But that’s not all we found.

There was this huge warehouse and loading dock.

THE loading dock.

Do you know how many shenanigans have taken place at this location?!

Ladies and gentlemen, yuppies and rednecks: this stop made this chick mighty happy, happy, happy. (And her siblings green with envy, envy, envy.)

We also stopped in for a bite at Willie’s Duck Diner, hoping to catch a glimpse of a few A&E celebs on lunch break. Though we didn’t sight any beards, we did chow down on some good home-style cooking: duck and sausage gumbo and Natchitoches meat pies, with biscuits, hushpuppies, and cornbread! You know it’s good when you’re so full you pass up Miss Kay’s nanner puddin’!

With such a memorable stop as this, I had to take something home with me as proof. Being the practical buyer that I am, look what I got: s souvenir, kitchen gadget, and weapon all rolled into one!

A hundred years from now, my great-great-nieces and nephews (can’t count on great-grandchildren without a husband in the picture yet!) will pull out this hefty, tried-and-true, family heirloom and say, “Duck, duck who?”

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