It is safe to say that Jared holds a rather kingly status in our family right now. Perhaps “the favorite”, or maybe a hero in the making. We could not love or be proud of him any more.

Or miss him any more.

(Four weeks has never felt so long. Unless you still have nine ahead of you, and then four is nothing.)

Right now with our only form of communication with Jared being letter-writing, news from him is few and far between. A little slow and old-fashioned, but I love it! It makes that piece of mail all the more exciting and longed for. Waiting for the mailman is a novelty again.

When his very first letter came, you’d have thought we had won the lottery there was so much mirth in the family! I was sent a picture in a text of the treasured piece of scrap paper he had written on just as I was getting in bed, but I could do anything but sleep at that joyous moment!

As each letter has come in since, we share with each other what he has to say, pouring over each little page, deciphering what he meant by this line, or laughing at the inside joke in another.

Some letters have been short, others a little more wordy. Most have been positive and even light-hearted, a few detailed and serious. All drenched with gratitude and a sense of calm assurance in God’s direction.

Reading Jared’s letters gives us a glimpse of what he’s experiencing right now. A piece of him. It’s a way to feel close and connected even while separated by a few hundred miles and several weeks. But the greater joy comes from knowing that these letters are only temporary—soon that time and space will be erased and we’ll see our own Jared again.

Did you know you have your own special letter from your own Hero? Though separated from you for a time, He will return, and has left with you a way to peer inside His heart: a letter.

Do you read His Letter to you? Do you pour over its content, discerning its meaning and treasuring its every word?

This analogy has come to mind often in the past few weeks, with each letter from San Diego that I eagerly tear open. Do I display this same enthusiasm every time I read God’s Word as I do for this word from Jared? Does my eagerness for Christ’s return surpass the temporal pleasure of waiting for Jared?

Of all the letters in history written by friends, lovers, and kin, a more loving, personal letter you will never find than in chapters 14-17 of the book of John. Friend, these are the very words of our Savior and God written just for us. For YOU. Read them. Drink them in. Ponder them. Thank the Lord for them. Find joy in them.

Then read them again. And again.

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.”
John 15:11

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