My week has been full of bouncing balls.

There’s been some serious basketball-watching taking place between the five teams we have represented at Nationals.

My friend asked me how the “competition” was going. I am not rude so I did not laugh at her ignorance. I simply laughed. (And laughed, and…)

I suppose there’s truth in calling it that. It is a competitive sport!

Micah’s team (18U) has won one game and lost two, and play again tonight. We’ve had a lot of really close, tough losses for the Flames organization!

Like in this game, the 16U Goldball game which we lost by three. It was so close all the way!

The nice thing about homeschool basketball tournaments is that usually whole families travel together, making for a nice fan base at the games, this group of horn-tooting boys being no exception.

I really should have videoed them at the game that we won. They were blowing their brains out! It’s fun to see the fellow Flames teams cheer each other on, even if they do get a little big-headed.

Well done, seniors!

One thing I have enjoyed noticing is the variety of colorful basketball shoes on the court these days! You just don’t see a pair of plain shoes anymore!

Neon is very popular right now, regardless of your team colors.

There was this saying up on the wall at one of the gyms, but after all my observations, I’m just not so sure…

Sure seems like the color of your shoes must make a difference.

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