Even though I’m a born and raised Baptist, I have observed lent on and off over the years. Not because I think Easter can’t properly be celebrated without first enduring forty days of deprivation, but because I see the value in sacrificing something, be it ever so small or simple, to be reminded of the sacrifice that gives us a reason to celebrate Resurrection Sunday.

Whether or not you’re considering participating in lent this year, the following articles will help guide your thoughts to the cross, and prepare your heart for the greatest “holy-day” we Christians are privileged to celebrate.


Why Bother With Lent? from The Gospel Coalition blog. If you’re pondering the reason for a protestant to participate in Lent, start your search right here.

Why You May Really [Really] Need Lent This Year by Ann Voskamp. You will also find free downloads for her Lent devotional and Easter Tree Ornaments and print outs. You might also find that you will leave her webpage up on your browser to hear that peaceful piano playing…

The Name that Matters Most: Jesus, the first of 32 devotionals from the book “The Wonder of His Name” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss that corresponds with the Revive Our Hearts lent series that begins tomorrow, March 5, and runs til Easter. It is a great way to start or end your day by focusing on the sole point and reason for the Lenten season, our Savior.

You can also dig into the archives of the True Woman blog and read why Observing Lent can be a meaningful experience for us all.

Preparing for Easter by Barbara Rainey. Her thoughts on why she loves Easter, and links to resources from “Ever Thine Home” she has made available to prepare our hearts for Easter.

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